Privacy Policy And Data Protection Regulations

Confidentiality is of importance for us and we have some principal rules to preserve the protection of your data.

  • Your confidential data is required only when it's needed and we don't ask for the information more than necessary to provide high-quality service.
  • We don't store the private information received from our clients longer than it is lawfully required.
  • We do our utmost to provide our clients with ultimate control over the storing, indexing by search engines, sharing, and deleting their private data from our website.
  • Our primary goal is to obtain full clearness on the ways we gather, keep, and share your information.

Our Data Protection Regulations which you will read below are based on the principles mentioned above. 

What Is Our Company and What Are Our Data Protection Regulations

 This website belongs to the company called Domain. Our data protection regulations given here is about the private data we get from our clients when they make use of:

  • Our company's website;
  • Our mobile apps (Android and iOS);
  • Other products and services (including plagiarism scan) that we offer on the website.

We respect your right to confidentiality and keep your data private. To "Private Information" belongs any data that refers to you in any way as a person and we strive to protect that data. We will below describe the ways we collect, handle and keep information and how you can control that data. If you have further questions or worries about the security of your information, you should contact us.

How We Collect Private Information

We can receive your private information either from you or from third parties, legal agreements, for example, contracts you have with our collaborators acting for the benefit of us or with us, to fulfill legitimate or other obligations. We ask for your approval and permission either from you directly or from our partners who have permission to give your private information to us.

What Type of Data We Gather

When you visit our website, we can receive the following data: 

  • IP address;
  • What type of device you use to visit our website;
  • Some technical information;
  • What you do on our website.

More can be found in our cookie policy. Find out in the table below how we gather private information and in what ways we use it.

# Data types Considerations for gathering the data
1 User’s area of residence
  • User checking
  • Restraining unscrupulous use of the website and reselling accounts
  • Getting to know data for Tax and VAT
2 User’s electronic mail
  • Main means of connection with the user
  • Providing the user with commerce and advertising data
3 User’s first name and surname
  • User authentification
  • Charging, invoices, and taxes of the user
  • Restraining unscrupulous use of the website and reselling accounts
4 User’s contact number
  • User authentification
  • Actual means of connection with the user
  • Client support
5 User’s address
  • Charging and invoices

Why Do We Need Private Information

The reasons for which we collect private data from our clients are as follows:

  • We provide services ordered by you on the website;
  • We inform you about services or products in which you showed interest if you are a customer;
  • We share additional information about products or services that you have bought and about relevant items;
  • We need personal information to accomplish obligations from the Contract;
  • There are some lawful reasons, such as a signed contract with our Company;
  • We notify you about updates of our services or products or about new products and services, stated you agreed to receive such information.

When It Is Legal To Gather Your Data

There are only two cases when we have the right to gather your private data: when you agree to use your information from the contract or other documents or when you give us lawful permission to perform an action using your information, for example, send you a newsletter.

Legitimate Reasons to Handle Your Private Data

We continue to process your private information if there is one of several reasons:

  • You and our Company have signed a contract;
  • We got your permission;
  • You have paid for a service from us and now we have to provide it;
  • You agreed to share your data;
  • Our company has to process your information because it is required by the legitimate regulations.

Where We Get Your Information 

Your information may be acquired by our company in the following ways: 

  • When you fill out a form or email our website;
  • When you order a product or a service from the website;
  • When you write a review or feedback on our website;
  • When you call using our company's numbers.

You provide us with financial or private data, related or not to your order.

We Can Get Data From Different Sources 

We can gather your personal information if you use any of our websites, order products or services, give your information to our partners who have legal permission to later share it with our company.

Thirds parties can also share your information with us. These are our collaborators, financial and technical sub-contractors, logistics service providers. Several other sources that have legal grounds to collect and share your personal information are advertising networks, background checkers and some other sources.

We also keep the right to store your files that you shared through our website, uploaded, downloaded or accessed. If you don't have legal rights or permission to use files, you should not share them. You do not have permission to share with us files that contain your private information or information of third parties, as we can not provide that those files will be kept secure as they are.

What We Do With Your Data

If you give permission or if we have legal consent to do it, any information that you give us can be transferred to third parties. Under "third parties" we here understand:

  • The marketing department of our company, that will provide you with informational materials after you register on our website;
  • Our business partners or subcontractors, if your information is needed to accomplish contractual commitments;
  • Our subsidiary companies, according to the UK Companies Act 2006, section 1159;
  • Other third parties in case you agree to permit them.

There Are Other Grounds For Sharing Your Information With Third Parties

In case a third party acquires our company and its assets, all personal information shared by the clients will become part of the new proprietor's possessions. There are some more reasons why your private information can be sometimes given to third parties:

  • There are legal commitments we should accomplish;
  • There is a legal request from a law enforcement agency;
  • If it coincides with the agreements of our websites, such as Terms of Use;
  • When it is necessary to protect assets, security or property of our company or our clients;
  • When processing data is necessary to prevent scam or jeopardy.

De-Identified and Aggregated Data

Sometimes we share de-identified or accumulated information with third parties. That means all personal information which can be used to validate your persona is deleted. This information is used for statistical purposes only, however you keep the right to disagree to share your data.

Where Your Information Is Kept and Handled

Your private information is first of all stored and handled in the EU ("EEA") or the USA. When you accept our data protection regulations, it allows us to store the information in other places if we have the necessary technical facilities. The information provided to us is protected from unauthorized access by other parties and is encrypted by using the newest technology.

The data shared with us is encrypted using the latest technology and is protected against access by parties that are not authorized.